Drafts, thoughts and poetry

Stage work

Perrxs de reservx

A selection of mad images.

Organizer and event host:

The Bloody Poets -'Afterwords' (March 2017 London) 'Victorian Anarchism' (July 2017 London)

'Drama queers´ (Associacio Poe-tic, Barcelona)

Poet and Performer: Festival Tornemi (2014) Cabaret of justice (Rai art June 2017) OFF Poetry Week in Sons of Gutenberg (May 2017), Nou LLegiu library, presentation'Tormenta de Tierra' (Club Cronopios) (Spain)

Actress and writer in Las Hermanas del Desorden, formed in 2013 with Belén Berlin and Ale Oseguera.

Their first creation,'La musa suicida' is presented in Sala Fénix, El Sortidor Civic Center (July 2014), in Rai Art (October 2014), El Pastis and Freedonia bar (2015)

'Gabinete de musas´– presented in the Festival Red cultural 2016 (Fabra i Coats)

Festival Mutis 2017 (Nau Bostik)

Action Festival 2016 (La Caldera )

Art in Femení Festival 2016, (Auditori Barrades)

Rock & Read Festival 2016

Erotic Museum

Books & disorder in MauMau (May 2017)

´Disorder of a summer night´- El Pumarejo June 2017

'Electrical Disorder' - Fiestas de Gracia (2016)

Ateneu del Raval. Barcelona - February 5, 2016

Café de Mar, Mataró - October 2016.

´Sabbath Noir´- Festival Intramurs and Espai Limera,Valencia October 2017,

Mutis Festival-Nau Bostik march 2017,

The Collective (Barcelona),

Cinema Café (Tornabous)-July 2017

Jam Noir- Nau Bostik Bcn

Winner at IInd Championship of Poetry Team Slam Spain. Auditori Sant Martí, Barcelona - January 2016.

Featured poetry group at the Poetry Slam CCCB (Barcelona- February 2016)

Poet, performer and founder of La Sociedad de los poetas locos/The Mad Poets Society (May 2014), poetical interventions

Poet and performer (March 2013-present) in Prostíbulo Poético Bcn and The Poetry Brothel London.

Poet and performer (December 2012- February 2014) in the show Eva y la serpiente, held every month in Madame Jasmine, Barcelona. Founder of the Hellfire Circle/El circulo del fuego infernal.

Theater director and playwriter (March 2010 - present)

´My Cage of skin´ (soon to be presented in London)

'Mors Moris' (2011) director, actress, writer -Riereta, Barcelona

'NEVERLAND'(2010), Bucarest

'Tales revisited' (Teatrul de copii Ploiesti 2006)


Co-star 'Life's a bitch' (2014) Mayhem Pictures

TV series appearances 'Efect 30' directed by Jacob Goldwasser

Theater plays : Rosita de Misael Sanroque (Barcelona 2017), Mors Moris (Barcelona 2011)

Appearance in the videos ´In Harm´s way´- Amanda Palmer; 'Human Elevator'- The Cast of cheers, ´Vicios´- PVC, ´Frío sobre el vientre´- New Entity

Radio host and producer: ´Generally different´ in Radio Star Terrassa, ´Despiertate, perrx´ and ´Perrxs de reservx´ in Radio Linea IV and Radio Contrabanda, Barcelona

Production assistant of the contemporary art festival B / Art Conference (November 2010- April 2011) Nave Ivanow Barcelona (bac2011.wordpress.com), Radio Linea IV concerts(2013-2015, Nou Barris, Barcelona), radio anniversary Contrabanda (Fabra i Coats 2016) and the Olive theater festival 2009 (Bucharest, Romania)