Drafts, thoughts and poetry

Stage work

Perrxs de reservx

A selection of mad images.

I cut all my lovers´ heads.

It´s alright now.It´s spring time, we grin among dead bodies.

My heart is like a tree with roots in heaven and branches towards a mortal ground.My eyes are swallowed by a black cat with sweet stripes.I expect you to expect me.I think it's time for us to get acquainted. Hello, I have a common name and I kill men. Nobody will ever know.

Arthur, of course you can.We ´ll start by sleeping.I didn´t say a thing to a soul. You must remember that you are human. no one. nothing. never.

By morning, trust me, you will feel diferently.We shall choose your name from a cemetery.You are born outside any control. Arthur, we pecked your eyes, we'll clean up your sins. You will be obliged to become ours..From now on..no one, nothing, never.

It´s the 10th of March and it's too late in the morning. My darling, we have a corpse in the kitchen. Arthur is rotting. I didn´t say a thing to a soul. Our child shall remain unborn.

Poverty of bodies, people are asleep.

Hello, beautiful woman, what are you doing so alone?

Hello, beautiful woman