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Las Hermanas del Desorden is an experimental company formed in 2013 by Ale Oseguera, Belén Berlín and Mad Pirvan defined by its multidisciplinary nature, combining elements of poetry with music and theater.

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Poet of The Poetry Brothel London (2017) and Barcelona(2013-2017).

You’re in the corner of a dark saloon, shrouded in cigar smoke, staring into the fathomless abyss swirling away at the bottom of a bottle of bourbon. You’re lost… alone… and then… a voice, intimately close, whispering in your ear, lips gently brushing against your lobe, a young woman pouring a taste of her soul into yours, a metaphysical promise of things to come. For the right price, the girl or boy of your choosing will spread their spirit wide open and reveal to you what lies deep inside… Welcome to the Poetry Brothel, a literary, sensual ecotone where the worlds of artistic expression and sexual liberation rub shoulders… and more.

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The Bloody Poets

An exercise in controlled chaos. Experimental cabaret celebrated every three months with London-based artists , altogether a troupe of poets, singers, musicians and performers.

Organized and hosted by Belén Berlín and Mad Pirvan.


erráticas is a cycle of shows made by poets / performers who explore diverse disciplines among the performing arts and create an unprecedented spectacle with the road trip as a guiding thread.

It is a meeting of different voices that dismantle archetypes and, like a musical fugue, through juxtaposition (and sometimes in counterpoint) create a dense and harmonic sound texture.

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Mad Poets Society

Poets: Dante Alarido,Bethlem Berlín Ginger Ale, Maldita von Teese, Lobo Lobotomy

Musician: Fran Kenstein

Poetical and musical performances, rock and roll, crazy as hell, unexpected, extravagant, cabaret.