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A selection of mad images.

A radiograph of withered bodies and lives. Made in collaboration with the theatre company PVZ.Mors Moris is a poem with razor wire, a testimony of the dissolution of the human being.The players begin a path in the most profound sense of what is consciousness, being, becoming, in a conflict between their sins and the need of self salvation.Life becomes in Mors Moris a daily death.

The world is a cemetery of decadent bodies and exhausted souls.I feed myself with social ecstasy and I breathe death. Buy, buy, buy, pay bills, bank rates, mortgage, car, parking, social work, college, university, masters, taxes, fees. During the day I fill my body with caffeine, energy drinks, diet pills, light coke zero zero , at night I buy my dreams with sleeping pills and fill the silence with the sound of my TV. Buy, buy, buy.My soul is exhausted.I deceit it with carnal games , but fail to fill the void with love. Decadence. I still have hope though. That my life is more than a sacrifice with ephemeral purposes and torn flight between four walls. My soul is exhausted. Death I breathe.

Company: PVZ

Written and directed by: Mad Pirvan