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Has worked as a stage director, poetry performer, radio host, light designer, artistic photographer, master of pagan and not so pagan ceremonies, event producer and actress, both in theater and film.

Born in November 1988 in Romania in a village you probably won´t find in satelite images. After studying phylology in Ploiesti, she moved to Bucharest where she would qualify for stage directing at the ´Ion Luca Caragiale´ University, one of the best theatre universities in Europe.

As soon as she finished her studies, she left Romania and went to sunny Barcelona, where she would write, direct and perform in Mors Moris with a radical spanish theatre company,PVZ. More video and short movies projects followed as she was also producing and hosting a local radio show Generalmente diferente. This would turn into a 5 years collaboration with three different radio stations and two other radio shows.

In 2013 she has founded El círculo del fuego infernal/ The circle of infernal fire: a performance company that combines poetry with cabaret, happening, music, fakir, fetish and freaks acts. The same year, she starts to collaborate with the Poetry Brothel Barcelona.

2014 brings a new project, combining poetry, theatre and live music with Las hermanas del desorden/The Sisters of Disorder .Their first show which they also co-wrote and co-directed is La musa suicida which explores the relationship between the creator and the muse and the inner journey of the muse from being an object of inspiration to a creative force. Since then Las Hermanas del Desorden have been creating different shows from unplugged poetry to a rock´n´roll show with live musicians (bass and percussions),

Apart from continuing the intense work in different poetry performances, she played her first part in a feature film co-starring Mayhem´s Life´s a bitch and took a less conventional part of a drag queen in the theatre comedy Rosita.

Since 2016, she has started to collaborate also with The Poetry Brothel, London and with Belén Berlín, she has founded The Bloody Poets, an experimental cabaret introducing some of the most interesting and strange performers in London.

They still produce and host this event every three months in different corners of the city.

In November 2017 she finally moves to London, continuing to work both on her new projects here and with Las Hermanas del Desorden in Spain. Currently, back to stage directing, preparing a multidisciplinar act with Lydia Elisabeth Wild.


Event organizer and host:

The Bloody Poets (March 2017- February 2018, London)

 Drama queers (July 2017, Associacio Poe-tic, Barcelona)


Poet and Performer :

Festival Tornemi (Sant Hilari Sacalm, July 2014)            

Jojos llibres (Nou Llegiu, May 2015) 

 Book launch 'Tormenta de Tierra' (Club Cronopios, March 2016)

 OFF Poetry Week (Sons of Gutenberg, May 2017)

  Cabaret of Justice (Rai Art, June 2017)


Poet, performer and founder:

Las Hermanas del Desorden -Winner at IInd Championship of Poetry Team Slam Spain  (Auditori Sant Martí, Barcelona, January 2016)

Shows:  'La musa suicida'  El Sortidor (July 2014),  Rai Art (October 2014), Sala Fénix (May 2015),  El Pastis (September 2015)

              'Gabinete de musas´ Art in Femení Festival (Auditori Barrades, March 2016),  Red cultural Festival (Fabra i Coats, April 2016), Action Festival  (La Caldera, May 2016 ) Rock & Read Festival (The Collective,July 2016),  Mutis Festival (Nau Bostik, March 2017), Books & disorder (MauMau, May 2017) , Cinema Café (Tornabous, July 2017)

              ´Disorder of a summer night´  El Pumarejo (Barcelona,June 2017)

               'Electrical Disorder' Ateneu del Raval (Barcelona, February 2016), Fiestas de Gracia (Barcelona, August 2016), Café de Mar (Mataró, October 2016)

              ´Sabbath Noir´  Festival Intramurs (Valencia,October 2017),  Espai Limera (Valencia, October 2017)

 Specific requested performances for ´Jam Noir´( Nau Bostik Bcn, March 2017), ´Districte 11´ (Nau Bostik Bcn, May 2017)

Featured poetry group at the Poetry Slam Bcn (CCCB, February 2016)


Poet, performer and founder: La Sociedad de los poetas locos (poetical interventions in Barcelona, May 2014)

 El circulo del fuego infernal (December 2012- February 2014)


Poet and performer:

Prostíbulo Poético Bcn (March 2013-May 2017)  

 The Poetry Brothel London (May 2016-present)


Stage director: 

´My Cage of skin´ (soon to be presented in London)

 'Mors Moris' (Riereta,Barcelona 2011)

 ´NEVERLAND'(Unatc, Bucarest 2010)

  'Tales revisited' (Teatrul de copii Ploiesti 2006)


Radio host and producer:  

Generalmente diferente (Radio Star Terrassa,2011-2013)    

Despiertate, perrx (Radio Linea IV 2013-2015)  

Perrxs de reservx (Radio Contrabanda 2015-2017)


Production assistant:

B / Art Conference (Nave Ivanow Barcelona, November 2010- April 2011)

Radio Linea IV concerts (Nou Barris, Barcelona, 2013-2015)

Radio anniversary Contrabanda (Fabra i Coats,2016)

Olive theater festival (Bucharest, 2009)



Actress :



Co-star 'Life's a bitch' (Mayhem Pictures 2014)

TV series appearances 'Efect 30'


Theater plays

Rosita (Barcelona 2017)

Mors Moris (Barcelona 2011)


Appearance in the videos ´In Harm´s way´- Amanda Palmer; 'Human Elevator'- The Cast of cheers, ´Vicios´- PVC, ´Frío sobre el vientre´- New Entity